Valve confirms PS3 is superior to Xbox 360

PS3 vs 360

PSU: What is the primary advantage with the technologies for next-gen? Are there differences between the 360 and PS3 that you found aided you in the game?

Valve: We defintiely feel next-gen technology aided truly in our development process. You know—you have complexer AI, you have more characters to work with, an enhanced ability to work with the animations on a higher scale–all that stuff. The only difference between the 360 and PS3–which both as a collective helped us develop The Orange Box is definitely there. For the 360 version of the game, we can probably say we are using around 93-94% of the console’s power given our current optimization. With the PS3, we can’t exactly say what power cap we reached, since no developer really knows where the boundary is for the PS3. We can tell you that in terms of the whole game together on the PS3, we are not even using the SPU’s and it is purely built on the graphics card and Cell. We’re still optimizing for PS3 more because we can, which can explain the slight delay to you. But no worries, everything is going smoothly to put down any rumors.


So the aging Source engine is maxing out 360 while PS3 isn’t anywhere near the power cap.  Very interesting…

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