SDF Review: Lair (PS3)

Lair Review

Forget the negative reviews you’ve been reading about Lair, this game is the real deal. Let me paint a picture for you, if I may be so bold… Picture controlling a dragon with the SIXAXIS motion controls along a beautiful backdrop fighting hundreds, no thousands of other enemies, pulling off combos (called Carnage), breathing fire on soldiers all while being taken through a very fleshed out, epic storyline and you have Factor 5′s best game yet: Lair. Let me also state that this game is not possible on any other system out right now as it makes full use of the Blu-ray player and the physics beast that is CELL. Free online leaderboards and the promise of Home compatibility round out this amazing package.

Lair is one of those odd games that comes out of nowhere and completely surprises you. It’s one of those rare gems that people will not appreciate at first, but grow to love over time. Make no mistake, Lair could very well be this generation’s “Mario 64″. With greater use of motion control than any Wii game and better graphics than any 360 game I think it’s safe to say we have a candidate for game of the year right here.

SDF Score: 10/10

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