Reader Writes In “I Just Pissed On My XBox 360″

We normally save our reader emails for our Monday Mail feature but this one was so good it deserved its own post.A disgruntled XBox 360 owner (and who isn’t?) writes in:

I just pissed on my XBox 360

A good ole drunken piss, right on the XBOX 360 and into its vent holes on the side.

Came out pretty clear, smelled only a little bit of the alcohol that went through my digestive track.

It was probably the best piss I’ve ever had. I’m not sure if my XBOX 360 is still functional, although I’m not too concerned. It felt good to put it in its place… My Playstation 3 would never be bathed in urine, perhaps it would be worthy of a fine bath of a $500 bottle of wine upon its retirement, but as of right now no such bath is needed.

With Gears of War and Bioshock completed, I feel as if my XBOX 360 has little use to it. *Yawn* another game involving a space marine or some soldier with a huge gun. Shadow of Rome was a PS2 exclusive, remember that. I’m open minded, therefore XBOX 360′s upcoming catalog of titles seems rather unintoxicating to me.

I’m not sure if my XBOX 360 will work tomorrow, nor do I really care. I’m sure I could rub it down with some alcohol and sell it to some **** down the street for no less than $300 (Premium Pack) and spend the earnings on a few good Blu Ray titles or PS3 game pre orders if misfortune is to dance with my XBOX 360.

If I wake up tomorrow and find that it does not work, perhaps I’ll open up the XBOX 360′s case and leave a bit of fecal matter on the inside to stink up the future owner’s living quarters. That’d be a good one. I’ll make sure to head to Rite Aid across the street and pick up some fiber supplements to make sure I have a good bowel movement worthy of placing inside of the 360′s case.

What can we say? We hope your XBox 360 finds a good home.


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