Crytek excited over PlayStation 4′s power and Gaikai tech

It’s not even been officially unveiled yet and developers are already excited over the power of PlayStation 4 and Sony’s impressive Gaikai streaming tech.    The streaming capabilities of the PS4 will further separate the system from both last gen consoles like Wii U and barely-next-gen consoles like the upcoming Always-Online-DRM-Xbox.

“I think that whatever they [Sony] end up delivering there are a lot of things that we want, and as you said more power is originally at the core of what we want.”

“He is also looking forward to Sony’s Gaikai tech [...] “What’s going to be the most interesting thing is the longevity of this next generation, and there are a lot of interesting things happening in the tech and video game industry as well, with Sony’s purchase of Gakai for streaming technologies[...],” he said.”

Source:  GamingBolt

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