DF: Those hoping for next Xbox ‘secret sauce’ to overcome PS4′s advantages are going to be disappointed.



From the beginning of the next-gen consoles spec leaks, MS-biased sites such as Polygon have kicked into damage control over drive once it was discovered that the PlayStation 4 outperforms the next-gen Xbox by a huge margin.



Their claim is (was) that RAW numbers don’t matter because there is a ‘secret sauce’ that Microsoft has put into the machine that will make up for any performance gap that might exist.   Well Digital Foundry has now destroyed these claims.

Secret Sauce
most of the custom hardware works to ease the CPU burden, not to improve GPU performance, so those hoping for ‘secret sauce’ to overcome Orbis’s theoretical graphics advantages are probably going to be disappointed.

Source:  DF via Eurogamer

Luckily for gamers out there unbiased sites like Digital Foundry and SDF exist to bring them the truth about these consoles.

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